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Most Advanced Indoor Shooting Range in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Learn for Yourself Why We Are the Leading Shooting Range in Southern FL!

Newly opened Apex Shooting Center is the $20 million meeting point of cutting-edge technology and the thrill of precise shooting range abilities. As Fort Lauderdale’s most innovative indoor shooting range, our shooting center boasts MOVING TARGETS, PERSONAL VIDEOS, even a JAMES BOND ASTON MARTIN.   A world-class experience for first-time shooters and seasoned marksmen alike.

Optimized Shooting Center Experience

With a commitment to the highest standards of innovation, safety, and unrivaled friendly service, we are the ultimate destination for firearm enthusiasts and beginners alike in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We spared no expense for the safety and satisfaction of our guests. Our shooting range systems, provided by Action Target, are the best available for an optimized shooting center experience allowing for games, drills, and moving targets.

An Educational and Immersive Shooting Center

Apex Shooting Center is more than a place to shoot. Our shooting center offers an educational and immersive experience catering to individuals of all ages and skill sets. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to meet our guests’ needs, from seasoned shooters looking to hone their craft to beginners learning the basics of taking their first shot. Our friendly experienced staff will ensure every guest is treated like a VIP.

PILOT Computerized Target Systems

Our innovative range of systems offers a safe and comfortable experience while allowing you to enjoy the latest features of our PILOT computerized target systems. This system is a first for South Florida. Each carrier is equipped with an integrated camera for real-time imaging of the target on the screen that controls it.  It also allows for moving targets, timed drills and games for the first time shooter all the way up to a combat professional.

Shooting Range Services

Apex Shooting Center offers more than just your average shooting range. With the most advanced technology and seasoned professionals, we provide a seamless experience regardless of shooting level. Our services include:

  • Training and shooting classes
  • Large selection of Firearm Rentals including full autos
  • Founders Shooting Club memberships
  • Quickshot shooting range
  • Indoor shooting range
  • Tactical shooting range
  • Apex gourmet food service
  • Birthdays and work events

Cutting-Edge Shooting Ranges

Apex Shooting Center features 21 shooting lanes in three range bays. Our 15-yard pistol bay is the ideal location for guests whose main interest is shooting pistols. For rifles, machine guns and combinations, we assign one of our 25-yard bay lanes. These bays are configured for tactical shooting, offering a dynamic shooting event with movement and multiple targets.

Firearm Rentals

We’re here to accommodate you if you do not own a firearm. We offer firearm rentals to be used in our shooting range. With an expansive selection of premium quality firearms, choose from the latest models and diverse calibers to discover your preferred fit. Apex offers everything from machine guns, rifles, pistols and exotics.

Training Academy

At Apex Shooting Center, we prioritize gun safety and education. As such, we extend our knowledge and expertise towards offering training and shooting classes led by our certified friendly instructors. Our training sessions cover various topics and technical materials, from firearm safety to advanced techniques.

Founders Shooting Club

Experience a gun club like never before with Florida’s premier private shooting club. The Founders Shooting Club offers a members-only, private shooting range experience in our safe, cool, and clean indoor shooting range. Discover top-quality experiences, unparalleled membership amenities, exclusive social events, and guest speakers amongst other like-minded individuals who share your passion for firearms.

One of the Top South Florida Tourism Destinations

Along with our stunning beaches and vibrant urban sprawl, Fort Lauderdale is also home to the premier destination for firearm enthusiasts. Apex Shooting Center is proud to be one of south Florida’s leading tourism destinations. We welcome locals and tourists, ensuring an enjoyable, immersive experience.

Advantages of Choosing Apex Shooting Center

Choose the best-in-class service for your shooting range experience with Apex Shooting Center. The advantages of our facility include:

  • Rigorous safety protocols
  • Certified instructors and safety officers
  • Optimal ventilation and HEPA filtration
  • State-of-the-art shooting range technology
  • A welcoming environment for all shooting levels
  • Experienced guidance

Plan Your Unforgettable Shooting Range Experience Today

Whether you want to hone your skills or engage in a dynamic shooting range experience with loved ones, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the meeting point of advanced technology, experienced guidance, education, and excitement with Apex Shooting Center. Contact us by phone or fill out an inquiry form today.