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We Offer Rifle Rental Equipment

Try something new, tap into precision shooting, and experience unmatched excitement with Apex Shooting Center. We are the premier source for rifle rental services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with an extensive inventory and state-of-the-art shooting range to test them out. Choose our safe, thrilling environment to explore your firearm passion and rifle skills.

The Top Gun Rental Destination

Apex Shooting Center is your top gun rental destination. Boasting cutting-edge shooting range technology, industry-leading professionals, and an extensive inventory of diverse firearms, we cater to beginners and seasoned firearm enthusiasts alike. Discover premium pistols, handguns, rifles, machine guns, exotics, and the top-rated firearm accessories to amplify your enjoyment.

Unlock Versatility & Thrill 

Whether you’re eager to explore versatile rifle models, develop your skills with long-range precision, or experience the exhilarating power of semi-automatic shooting, Apex Shooting Center has it all. Our inventory exudes versatility without compromising on quality. No matter your unique needs and aspirations, we have the rifle and rifle rental equipment for you.

Easily Discover Your Rifle Preferences

Choose our rifle rental solutions to find the right rifle for you. Try out various models and calibers without the looming pressure of commitment in our state-of-the-art shooting range. With our Action Target range systems and PILOT computerized target systems, enjoy the best of close-quarter and long-distance shooting with games, drills, and training opportunities.

Rifle Rental  

Our rifle rentals include high-quality platforms fitted with mounted optics and standard iron sights. Familiarize yourself with the best rifle manufacturers with options including:

  • Sig Sauer M400 Tread: 5.56mm caliber
  • Sig Sauer M400 Tread: 5.56mm caliber + Trijicon MRO optic
  • LWRC DI: 5.56mm caliber
  • LWRC DI: 5.56mm caliber + Trijicon MRO optic

Machine Gun Rental

Take your shooting range experience to new heights with our machine gun rental service. With Apex Shooting Center’s safe and controlled environment and advanced shooting range options, we offer the ideal setting to test the power of fully automatic fire. Our machine gun rentals include:

  • Heckler & Koch MP5: 9mm caliber

Rifle Rental Benefits

Our gun rental shooting range encourages you to easily uncover your unique shooting style, preferences, and requirements. The benefits of rifle rentals include:

  • Access to a variety of rifle options
  • Discover your preferences without breaking the bank
  • Develop or hone your shooting skills
  • Experienced guidance, recommendations, and training
  • Enhanced safety and a controlled environment

Buying vs Rifle Rental 

To find the best match, Apex Shooting Center encourages guests to pursue rifle rental before pulling the trigger on an expensive purchase. Rifle rental services allow you to test your options before committing to long-term ownership. Rentals are also an excellent solution for beginners looking to gain experience and develop their skills before buying.

Our Safety-First Approach

At Apex Shooting Center, the safety of our guests is our driving force. That’s why we take additional steps to reinforce a safe and controlled environment. Our highly trained and qualified experts adhere to the most rigorous safety regulations and protocols, exceeding the industry standard of security to promote a secure and comfortable shooting range experience.

Choose Apex Shooting Center

Choose a gun rental shooting range that sets the gold standard with Apex Shooting Center. Our modern facility offers cutting-edge technology, advanced safety measures for a secure shooting experience, and unrivaled firearm rental options. With our expert instructors, you can feel confident that you will receive nothing short of professional and personalized guidance and support.

Plan Your Rifle Rental Service By Contacting Us

Embark on an exhilarating shooting range adventure with Apex Shooting Center and our premium rifle rental services. Discover the thrill of testing top gun rental options in a secure and inviting environment led by the industry’s most trusted firearm professionals in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Contact us today to plan your rifle rental service.