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We Offer the Widest Selection of Retail Firearms

At Apex Shooting Center, we go beyond our premium shooting range and training services. We are Fort Lauderdale, FL’s leading full-service firearm and firearm accessory retailer. Discover our expansive selection of quality firearms and experience the true try-before-you-buy experience with the dedicated guidance of our firearm professionals.

Find What Works for You

At Apex Shooting Center, we take pride in our full-service approach to our shooting range and on-site retail store. With our on-site range and expansive inventory of rental firearms, we always encourage our guests to try different models before committing to a purchase. This lets you discover what works best for your shooting style and needs.

The Try-Before-You-Buy Experience

At Apex Shooting Center, we want our customers to make confident and informed decisions. As such, we offer the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience. Our wide selection of rentals, in conjunction with our shooting range, allows you to experience the performance of a firearm for yourself. This allows you to assess the comfort, function, and overall firearm performance.

Our High-Quality Inventory

From seasoned firearm collectors to sports shooters and first-time firearm owners, Apex Shooting Center’s retail store caters to all types of buyers. Our inventory is packed with a diverse selection of firearms to satisfy varying shooting styles and requirements as well as top-of-the-line accessories. We have a strict quality requirement, only selling firearms and accessories that are proven and that we believe in.

Our Dedicated Retail Firearm Professionals

We invest significant time and effort in training our sales personnel. We ensure that our team is well-versed in all our products and services. Our staff is skilled at listening to our customers, understanding your needs, and providing individualized attention and recommendations to enhance your experience.

The Widest Selection of Firearms and Accessories

Apex Shooting Center boasts the widest selection of firearms in retail. Our inventory ranges from compact pistols to full-sized models, hunting rifles to tactical rifles, and shotguns from the most trusted brands. Based on your firearm requirements, we’re here to help you find the perfect addition to your collection.

Inventory of Leading Makes and Models

Whether you are searching for something unique or practical, our retail store showcases every brand and model you may need. With a range of premium brands, we offer semi-automatic pistols, handguns, shotguns, and rifles. From collector’s items to limited-edition pieces, count on us for the firearm that completes your personal collection.

Best Accessory Selection

In addition to our premium firearms, we also offer quality firearm accessories. Our accessories include holsters, lights, optics, magazines, spare parts, gun-safe accessories, and cleaning supplies for meticulous firearm ownership. Our products boast the highest level of usability for your firearm, as we carry the industry’s most recent and innovative names for proven success.

Experts in Firearm Services

Our Apex Shooting Center team is backed by unmatched training and experience. As such, they are readily available to assist you in finding the perfect firearm or accessory for your collection. Rely on our experts for unrivaled guidance and knowledge, answering your questions and concerns to ensure an informative, customized, and enjoyable experience.

Visit Our Shooting Center & Retail Store Today

Choose firearm excellence with Fort Lauderdale, FL’s Apex Shooting Center. Take advantage of our try-before-you-buy firearm options, expansive selection, and dedicated firearm professionals who value your service and satisfaction. Discover why we’re the premium firearm retailer, and call or stop by today. We look forward to serving you.