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Affordable Fully Automatic Rifle Rental in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you enjoy a nice day at the shooting range but don’t own a gun, Apex Shooting Center is here to accommodate you. We provide affordable automatic rifle rental in Fort Lauderdale, FL, giving customers the ultimate shooting range experience. Our wide selection of rentals includes M-16s, machine guns, and sub-machine guns, which you can rent at our shooting range to enjoy. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, offering a controlled environment where they can practice their marksmanship freely. We’ll provide you with the experience of full auto shooting within your budget and shooting comfort.

The Latest and Greatest in Shooting Range Technology

Firearm enthusiasts choose us because we offer a state-of-the-art shooting facility. Automatic rifle renters are treated to 25-yard bay lanes where they can practice tactical shooting. Enhance your skills by firing your automatic at multiple moving targets. Practice at our innovative PILOT computerized target systems, which offer real-time imaging for shooters. Here’s what you’ll receive by choosing us:

  • High-powered automatic weapon rentals at affordable rates.
  • Cutting-edge indoor and outdoor shooting range for practicing and mastering your marksmanship.
  • Opportunities to meet and socialize with fellow firearm enthusiasts.
  • In-depth training and practice guidance for new and experienced shooters.
  • A kind, welcoming, and accommodating team to meet all your shooting needs.

In-Depth Shooting Training and Education

Whether you are new to shooting or an experienced shooter who wants to level up your skill, Apex Shooting Center can equip you with the knowledge and education you need to succeed at the range. We offer new and returning shooters comprehensive shooting training. Our training sessions cover a wide range of disciplines, from gun safety and responsibility, how to properly operate an automatic weapon, and the technical aspects of firearm mastery. If you are a firearm enthusiast who wants to get the most out of their automatic firearm rental, we’ll provide all the knowledge and tricks you need to truly go fully automatic.