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Experience the Top Gun Rental Services in Fort Lauderdale

From first-time gun enthusiasts to seasoned marksmen, Apex Shooting Center is your source for premium firearm rental services. As Fort Lauderdale, FL’s leading gun rental provider, our expansive inventory allows us to redefine your shooting experience. Explore your passion, uncover the latest models, and test new calibers to secure your best firearm.

Two 9mm pistols hold slides on a wooden table.

A Gun Rental Shooting Range Like No Other

Our gun range rental center boasts an experience like no other. Our advanced shooting range systems, provided by Action Target, offer the latest features with PILOT computerized target systems. Gun rentals are reserved for parties of at least two, so come with a friend and plan for a day of thrilling adventure.

The Ultimate Try-Before-You-Buy Experience

Discover an unrivaled inventory of best-in-class firearm rental options and accessories that optimize your shooting range experience. Apex Shooting Center offers the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience. Gone are the days of purchasing a new gun or optic without testing it first. Our gun rental service allows you to explore your options while using our shooting range.

Top Gun Rental Options

Our gun rental inventory is home to the latest, most advanced models. Focusing on satisfying every guest, our selection includes options to accommodate all skill levels. From first-timers to seasoned experts, look to our firearm rental service for a personalized and full-stack experience.

Premium Firearm Inventory  

Choose from an array of pistols, rifles, exotics, and machine guns selected for reliability and accuracy. Our inventory boasts top brands, including Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, FN, and more. For your shooting enjoyment, we invite you to browse multiple frame sizes, including sub-compact, compact, medium, and full-frame, competition firearms, and the latest optics and lasers.

Machine Gun Rental

Unlock maximum power with our machine gun rental. Our machine gun rental inventory includes the latest models that enable you to engage in the thrill of fully automatic fire. With our meticulously controlled environment, our machine gun rental sets the standard for safety. Look to us for your most secure and exhilarating gun rental shooting experience.

Handgun Firearm Rental

A leading choice for firearm enthusiasts of all levels, handguns offer unmatched versatility, power, and ease of use. We offer an incredible selection of handgun calibers, models, and features to ensure our guests get the most out of their time with us. From compact to large styles, we have the handgun rental for you.

Rifle Firearm Rental

Apex Shooting Center’s rifle inventory includes multiple high-quality platforms fitted with an array of mounted optics and standard iron sights. With a collection to accommodate both novice and experienced guests, we offer a wealth of rifle rental options. Whether you’re looking to venture into long-range precision or thrill-seeking, browse classic styles, tactical rifles, and semi-automatic innovation.

Firearm Rental Accessories

Enhance your shooting range experience with superior-quality firearm rental accessories. With all the add-ons required to personalize your shooting game, explore our state-of-the-art optics, lasers, and much more. Look to our time-honored team to assist you in uncovering cutting-edge accessories to complement your firearm rental.

Our Commitment To Quality

Apex Shooting Center goes the extra mile to retain our reputation as Florida’s leading gun rental provider. As such, all of our firearm rental options undergo routine inspections and meticulous maintenance protocols. With our commitment to quality, we adhere to the highest safety and performance standards to ensure an optimized and secure guest experience.

Choose Apex Shooting Center

Apex Shooting Center provides firearm rentals from renowned manufacturers and a shooting range that sets the gold standard for quality. Our experienced staff is readily available to provide unwavering guidance and support for a personalized service. Furthermore, with adherence to the most trusted safety protocols, count on us for a secure environment that promotes maximum enjoyment.

Contact Apex Shooting Center

Expand your gun range rental horizons with Apex Shooting Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Look to our industry-leading professionals for a custom-tailored shooting range and firearm rental service that exceeds your expectations. Contact our friendly team today to learn more.